Age and politics

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It is undoubtable fact that many Ghanaians do not use their correct date of birth in their day to day endeavor. Especially politicians, they often swore affidavit of support to reduce their age whenever they get to retirement age.

Sheikh I.C. Quaye of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2005 when he was being vetted for a ministerial position, told Ghanaians that he does not have birth certificate, claiming that flood has taken it away after the panels of the vetting committee doubted his age and demanded to see his birth certificate.

Even though President J.A. Kuffour at the time appointed him the Greater Accra regional minister after the vetting committee vetted him (I.C. Quaye) and two other aspirants out; it can therefore be said that our beloved Capital City of Ghana (Accra) has been place under the care of a man whose nationality and loyalty are uncertain.

President Kuffour and the entire NPP has looked down upon the Chiefs and the people of Greater Accra by entrusting the region in to the hands of I.C. Quaye.

The bad precedence must not be repeated.

Today as we speak, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, NPP flag bearer has given his political age to Ghanaians and his party folks. Claiming to be 72 years.

But you see, nature cannot be cheated. Nature has expose Akufo-Addo’s true age. It is rear and written all over him. We see it in his appearance, we feel it in his voice and we sense it in the way he walks, the way he falls here and there. His look and physical appearance tell us that he is more than 72 years.

It cost Ghana a whole lot of tax payers’ money when Ghanaians sings national dirge. That is why we have to know better and learn from the late Atta Mills sudden departure. Monies that can be used to improved lives and certain sectors of the country had to be used to say fair thee well. A cost that we can prevent.
Have we as nation not learned enough through Atta Mills sudden departure? NPP delegates who elected Akufo-Addo at NPP’S last national congress should have known better. They should have known that the public will be wise enough to vote against the old aged candidate A.K.A “Olu”.

Over aged Akufo-Addo cannot perform. The long bear of the aged he-goat is not a prove of sexual strength. Come-on lets us be realistic. The old dog cannot learn new tricks.

We all know what 70 years means in human existence, that is to say if Akufo-Addo is right about his age, anything else after 70 years is just a step towards eternity. Akufo-Addo has pass the retirement age, his brain and other vital body organs are all functioning at retardation rate. Why won’t him tell the Voltarians to vote for him in September 7th instead of December 7th? We don’t need a sooth sayer to tell us this? Akufo-Addo need rest not war.

The burden of the office of the presidency is heavier than the burden of sand and Akufo-Addo do not have the require strength to carry it.

Given the mantle to Akufo-Addo to lead Ghana will be like given your car keys to your 12-year-old child to drive. That will be the greatest mistake in political history of our country.

Come December 2016, I encourage you to exercise your franchise right in favor of President John Dramani Mahama. If you are undecided voter, wandering about who to vote for this 2016, then don’t look far. Your search for the right candidate is over. President John Mahama of the N.D.C is the one I endorse and highly recommend for you to vote for. President John Mahama had proved capable of doing the job, let’s give him the chance. President John Mahama had demonstrated to be the one who knows and understands Ghana’s problems and working tirelessly to solve it, let’s give him the necessary support by keeping him in power. God Bless Ghana.

Seth Mifetu

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