Vodafone Foundation Launches Instant Classroom Project

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classroomIn an initiative to transform the concept of teaching and learning in Ghana, the Vodafone Foundation has introduced a zero-rated Vodafone Instant Classroom project.

The project, which is a group-wide initiative to provide millions of people in Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania with free access to online learning materials was developed in conjunction with Learning Equality’ – a leading non-profit provider of open-source educational technology solutions, and the Khan Academy.

During a ceremony to demonstrate how the instant classroom works at the Vodafone Airport City Office, Yolanda Cuba, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Ghana noted that the world has evolved in all aspects of life.

“The advent of technology and digitisation has changed everything and has certainly changed education.

“Every piece of learning under the sun can now be assessed with just a click of the button. Now students can acquire skills exclusively online before they even interact with a teacher.

“The pace is at a lightning speed and it is a trend we have identified at Vodafone Ghana, especially through the Vodafone Ghana Foundation.

“Which is why we are committed to creating a platform that will help students in the country take advantage of the times and compete on the same level as their counterparts in the developed countries.

In an interview, Yolanda said it was necessary to have the instant classroom project because not every parent in Ghana could afford extra classes for the child.

“Now we have this platform that you can use to engage with your child on educational issues, which normally you wouldn’t be able to do.

“The most important is that if everyone can use the smart phone, whether you have a textbook or not… there are examples of pass papers that are educational aids for the parents and students and for the teachers as well.

According to Yolanda, the instant classroom project is a cost-effective alternative avenue being adopted by Vodafone Foundation to digitally touch the lives of every youth in the country.

On his part, the Corporate Communications Manager, Ebenezer Amankwah said there were generic subjects on the platform that anyone across the globe could access for basic information on subjects.

“We have partnered the Ghana Education Service to have a localised Ghana curriculum on the platform from February next year, then it becomes a two fold opportunity for you to get information on any area and a local curriculum as well.”

Mr Amankwah noted how powerful education was, in driving a nation forward and how it has come to mean many things for different people the world over.

“If we are able to properly inform our students and the youth the power of the education processes at no cost to them, then we are doing them a favour…giving them a powerful tool that is transforming them and Ghana also.

“We are happy that as Vodafone we are powering this agenda of digitalising the whole Ghana…If we are in a world that is digitalised as we speak, then we should live no one behind”, he added.

Vodafone is determined to contribute to enhancing the learning experience for students – to give them a smile on their faces by making teaching and learning a memorable experience.

The telecommunication giant in a commitment they hold dear wants to be at the forefront of the educational transformation for the future and present generations.

The Vodafone Instant classroom project, which is to cater for early beginners to the tertiary level, could be accessed via GNA

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